Frequently asked questions



First you need to register an account.

Then you go to Menu > Account > Subscription and click on 'Choose plan'.

There you can see all the plans Stino offers.


Your payment information is completely saved in Stripe.

Stino does not save your payment information.

Stino uses API calls with Stripe to handle the payment.

For more information about Stripe you can check out their website here

General Questions


In the management board select 'Projects' > 'Add Project'


First you need to create a project.

Second you need to create a sprint.

Third you need to add stories and tasks to the created sprint.


In the management board go to members > Add members.

Here you can fill in a members emailaddress and if they are registered, they will get a notification in their account.


Stino uses Gravatar to handle avatars by default.

You can simply disable gravatar in your account settings and either choose a Stino avatar or upload your own.